Professional Development

Hello MCBIOS member,

During last spring’s annual MCBIOS meeting, I presented an ongoing effort to involve the MCBIOS membership in a collaborative project. I’m gathering comments/suggestions on potential large scale projects that may involve many members of MCBIOS.


The purpose of these projects is to involve the MCBIOS membership in specific group projects, promote involvement of members in the organization, promote development and application of computational biology and bioinformatics, and to promote interaction of different research groups represented in MCBIOS (academic, government, and industry). 

Project Wiki Site

Please take a few minutes to browse the wiki site and to make suggestions. Anyone can edit the page, add a project proposal, or discuss the content. Projects should be described and accompany data sets, a group collaboration element, group access to data, a proposed goal and expected results for publication in peer reviewed literature. Please consider participating.


First round of project suggestions closed August 1. We will post the proposed projects in a Doodle poll and let interested parties select a project to work on.  Participation in the poll will also help identify those who are interested.


Once a project(s) has been selected, we anticipate conducting a small meeting to kick off the project(s) and a workshop at the upcoming MCBIOS conference.

I’m looking forward to your participation!

Thanks for being a part of MCBIOS,

Ed Perkins