MCBIOS 2017 Conference Schedule

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Workshop 1: MedDRA (Anna Zhao-Wong, Ph.D., MedDRA)

Workshop 2: Next-Generation Sequencing using Galaxy (Binsheng Gong, Ph.D., FDA/NCTR)

Workshop 3: PubChem (Yanli Wang, Ph.D., NCBI)

Workshop 4: Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformaitcs ( Wenming Xiao, Ph.D., FDA/NCTR)


Breakout Sessions

•Breakout Session I:  Metagenomics and the Microbiome (Carl E. Cerniglia, Ph.D, FDA/ NCTR)
•Breakout Session II: Biomedical Informatics (Fred Prior, Ph.D.,UAMS)
•Breakout Session III: Machine Learning and Chemoinformatics (Joshua Swamidass, MD Ph.D., WashU)
•Breakout Session IV: Drug Design and Development (Cesar Compadre, Ph.D., UAMS)
•Breakout Session V: Biomarker and high-throughput data analysis (Mary Yang, Ph.D., UALR)
•Breakout Session VI: Genomics and therapeutics development (Mark Hurle, Ph.D., GSK)
•Breakout Session VII: Reproducible Genomics and Toxicogenomics (Weida Tong, Ph.D., FDA/NCTR)
•Breakout Session VIII : in silico and in vivo Adverse Reaction Detection (Grover Millar, Ph.D., UAMS)
•Breakout Session IX : Systems pharmacology and Bioinformatics (Jake Chen, Ph.D., UAB)