MCBIOS Conference 2011

The Eighth Annual Conference of the MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS 2011) was held in College Station, Texas on April 1-2, 2011. There were nearly 200 registrants and 140 abstracts were submitted, divided into 48 oral presentation abstracts and 92 poster session abstracts.

Participants attended talks by very distinguished invited speakers, and participated of workshops on NCBI tools and protein evolution.

The special issue (supplement) of BMC Bioinformatics was organized by MCBIOS Past President Jonathan Wren.

Conference Program

Data Analysis Workshop

A post-conference data analysis workshop was organized by MCBIOS President-Elect Ed Perkins.

Award Winners

Oral Abstract Winners

  1. First place: Suzanne Matthews
    Texas A&M University, $500, Matlab license
  2. Second place: Lori Dalton
    Texas A&M University, $250, Matlab license
  3. Second place: Shelton Griffith
    Oak Ridge National Lab, $250
  4. Second place: Winston Haynes
    Hendrix College, $250


Post-Doc Oral Abstract Winners

  • Yan Li, NCTR, $500, Matlab license
  • Fan Zhang, IUPUI, $500


Poster Winners (Computation)

  1. First place: Tianchuan Du
    Southern University, $300
  2. Second place: Christopher Cathey
    Jackson State University, $150
  3. Third place: Ralph Crosby
    Texas A&M University, $75


Poster Winners (Biology)

  1. First place: Awantika Singh
    UALR/UAMS, $300
  2. Second place: Mohammed Shahrokh Esfahani
    Texas A&M University, $150
  3. Third place: Fang-Han Hsu
    Texas A&M University, $75